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Simon Hageman - Trojan Cover Band

Simon Hageman

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Trojan's founder and lead vocalist Simon Hageman is one the region's most experienced and versatile performers. His vocal range is incredible and is equally at home belting out a new pop tune as with crooning his way through a big band number. Not only the lead singer, he is also the band's rhythm guitarist. His acoustic guitar playing is a very important ingredient in the Trojan sound.


Brad Dawson - Trojan Cover Band

Brad Dawson

Drums and Vocals

A DW endorsee, a regular performer at Drum Mania and a top notch drum teacher in very high demand, Brad Dawson is Trojan's percussion extrodinare and vocalist. He has studied with some of the country's top players including Gerry Pantazis and Darryn Farrugia. Brad's amazing feel and technique can be heard in every song... come to a Trojan gig and feel it for yourself!


Paul Santospirito - Trojan Cover Band

Paul Santospirito

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Often described as the smoothest player around, Paul's guitar lines and incredible voice are the backbone of Trojan's sound. A true multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards... the list goes on!), Paul's musical knowledge is second to none. Paul's rich vocals, amazing feel and phrasing is rarely a combination found in one musician. FDM.



Adrian Santospirito

Bass Guitar and Vocals